How to do makeup at home

Applying makeup at home is not a difficult task.  Any girl can apply it easily by following some simple procedures and tips. While applying makeup, it is important to follow some guidelines and remember some easy tricks to get a perfect look.

Application of Foundation

Foundation is considered the base of any makeup. Right shade and type of foundation are crucial to get the best finished look for your face. The base can be chosen by dipping Q-tip in the foundation jar and then applying a line on the jawline. The right shade will merge with skin and will not be prominent. If the shade of foundation is almost invisible then its means you’ve chosen the right color. After choosing the shade, next step is its application.  It should not just be applied on the face but also on neck and arms so that the skin tone should not look different. It should be blended properly so that there are not areas of over or under application.

Blush on

After the application of foundation, blush on is the next important step. It should be applied according to the shape of your face. For example, women with the square shaped face should apply blushon directly to their cheeks in a circular shape.  This will soften the angular features of the face. In a similar way, women with a rather long face should apply blush on in a horizontal way as it will maketheir face look a little wider. The choice of blush on shade depends on not only your skin tone but also the dress color and scheme. For blusher it is said, a little is more.  So always apply sparingly.

Nose contouring

Nose is an important part of your faceand needs special consideration while applying makeup.  Slim nose definitely makes a face look more prominent and beautiful. Women ha
ving a widernose can make it look slimmer by contouring. Contouring is done by choosing two or three shades darker than your skin tone and applying it on the nose and its sides and then highlights are given. Highlighter usually is chosen to make the nose more prominent.

Eye Makeover

Eyes effect are very important while applying makeup. The correct choice of eye shadows, proper trimming of eyebrows, mascara shades, liner, and kajal; all these elements make the eyes prominent. Eyeliner plays a vital role in shaping the eyes.  For round eyes, it is important to apply a thin straight form to make the eyeless round and more like a cat’s eye. For hooded eyes, light eye shades can be applied, and for almond eyes, shape shades must be followed according to skin tone and applied alongwith eye shape.

Lip Shading

Last but not the least, no makeup is complete without lips.  Lipstick should be applied according to the dress shade or in contrast, but it should be bright in color. Lips can be given the shape of your choice by using lip liners.  For broad lips, theliner can be applied inwards, but for narrow lips, theliner can be applied more towards theedge to make lips broader and fuller.

These are some of the basic tips a girl can follow to get an awesome look through makeup at home.  You don’t need a professional beautician to get the perfect look with makeup.  Just keep these tips in mind, play around with your makeup and looks, and your feminine instinct will teach you the rest.